Infrastructure Contracting

Infrastructure is the organizational structures necessary for the operation of the community or project and the services and facilities needed for the economy to operate. It can be defined in general as a set of interrelated structural elements that provide a framework that supports the overall structure of development and represents an important term to govern the development of a country or region. This term refers to It predominantly refers to technical structures that support society such as roads, bridges, water and sanitation resources, electrical networks, telecommunications, etc. and can be defined as “the physical components of interconnected systems that provide the necessary goods and services It is necessary to enable, sustain or improve the conditions of community life. ”When looking at it from a functional point of view, the infrastructure facilitates the production of goods and services in addition to distributing finished products in the markets in addition to basic social services such as schools and hospitals. For example, roads provide the ability to transport raw materials to Factories.
Kinan Arabia General Contracting Corporation works on implementing infrastructure solutions projects based on the integration methodology through which we analyze projects, design, build, test and implement them, and this includes our capabilities to manage total projects through the Project Management Office in addition to quality assurance service.