The Beginning

The Kenan Arabia Foundation, where the idea emerged to establish this institution according to a specific vision that looks to a broad horizon in which great goals and high aspirations without limitations appear. The founder wanted to reach these goals through a set of steps and stages that achieve this vision.


Cumulative experiences

Through the completion of its first projects, the corporation has gained high credibility with many companies. The corporation has signed several contracts for projects belonging to the Ministry of Housing and the Saudi Electricity Company, so it opened a headquarters in the southern region and the western region to be directly supervising the projects and entrusted the management of these projects to engineers with long experience In this area .


Achieve Vision 2030

Working through participation in the implementation of some infrastructure projects to advance and with great responsibility in the reconstruction of the country and the march towards a prosperous future.
- Work to refine the Saudi person by integrating him into the building process and by placing him in a position of responsibility in project management and supervision of their implementation so that the bid is abundant and success is a crown that encircles this person.

- Gradual transformation from individual ownership to collective ownership, as it is the vision of the institution to one day make all its employees partners, not just employees, as it becomes a joint stock company for every worker and employee part of it, so it will be keen on it and strive for whatever diligence towards its development and sustainability.